About Argan Oil

The Argan Oil Secret to Beauty

Argan Oil has a myriad of benefits for beauty.

Argan oil is an antioxidant– Known as nature’s answer to great skin, it is a Vitamin C and E packed oil perfect for combating free-radicals and works as an anti-aging.

Softens dry skin – Argan Oils high concentration of vitamin E and essential fatty acids alleviates skin complications like dry skin or dry patches.

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles Applying under the eye results in the reduced appearance of crinkly lines under the eye.

Reduces skin imperfections – With regular use of Argan Oil for Skin has been shown to heal acne blemishes and prevent new breakouts.

About Argan

There is an oil, a special oil, a rare oil, an oil that comes from southwestern Morocco, this oil is called Argan Oil and is the most sought-after cosmetic ingredient available. It is one of the world’s richest natural sources of vitamin E and is extremely high in unsaturated fatty acids. Medical science has proven that vitamin E is one of the most beneficial ingredients for skin care. 

Moroccan women have been using Argan Oil for centuries and are involved in its full production. Argan Oil is made solely from nuts found within the fruit of the Argan tree. Moroccan women are passionate about cultivating and protecting Argan trees, and as such, have formed fair trade co-operatives to create Argan Oil. We are committed to supporting them and their efforts to share their ancient beauty secret with the world.